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How Will You Get Your Message to Your Community?

With Dr. Steve Hoffman's HealthTips you can reach your community every week with current health and wellness topics, news, research and brilliant commentary. HealthTips may very well have the largest distribution of chiropractic and health news in the world. If you haven't begun using HealthTips to email each week to all of your active patients, inactive patients and contacts in your community then there is nothing to stop you from starting today.

The weekly HealthTips are delivered to you each week in editable MS Word format ready to personalize for your practice through Dr. Steve's VIP Desktop Widget.

For only $19.95 per month you get a Website Membership that includes the Health & Practice Tips as well as access to a Member Resource Page with monthly audio and  video presentations and special bonus offers only for members. To get a taste of what Website Members receive click here to see a sample Member page and sign up as a Website Member.

To view a video that shows you how to install the WIDGET and
how to get your HealthTips each week click on the link below:

Annual Subscription $99.00/yr (save over $20)

Monthly Subscription $9.95/month
(renews each month)

The HealthTip is delivered each week through Dr. Steve Hoffman's Mastering Coaching Desktop Widget. When it is ready each week it will automatically pop up for you to download, personalize and distribute. Here is an image of the WIDGET: