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URGENT: Final Day

If you are planning on getting patients from the internet from now on read this immediately. You have probably heard Dr. Alan talk about Google+ Hangouts and why if you want to dominate in the search engines, you have to … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared? Everyone always says they want to take care of more families…more kids…more health cases not just back or pain cases…create wellness within their communities. So, why isn’t it happening? How many of you are uncertain about how … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Practice Growth…

Welcome to the new PracticeTip and thanks to all of you for the kudos.  We want to provide the most useful information in the most useful form for you. Over the past several TIPS, our focus has been on the … Continue reading

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Contradiction Resolution Part 3

And This Just In From Dr. Robert Cranfield: “Great practice tip. Having done your MC2 before, these are questions I asked and ended up changing my technique. Thank you for all that you do.” Seems like a recurrent theme. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Discover The “Essential Advantage” Your Practice Brings To Your Community!

Have you been following the “conventional wisdom” in the growth and development of your practice and business? I hope not. Do you follow the conventional wisdom in the growth and development of your health and well-being? No. Do you follow … Continue reading

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