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And You Said…

Coaches Corner It’s hard to imagine how many of you sent emails with BOTH your thoughts on the solution to the Law of Attraction Violation AND, even more of you, sent emails wanting your questions answered or a solution provided. … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings and Holiday Wishes

Season’s Greetings and Holiday Wishes No business this week…will pick up our usual format next week. This week I just want to share a personal message with all of you:   With no disrespect to the women in my life…wife … Continue reading

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Lets Get Practical

Coaches Corner- Let’s Get Practical: OK – Let’s get practical. I hate giving tests but the business and practice analysis will help you see what’s missing in your business and the value in letting me help you add the missing … Continue reading

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Where’s Dr. Steve?

What Makes MC2 Different? One of the most frequently asked questions I receive about MC2 is how it compares to other technics in chiropractic. Because this is a somewhat generic question, an equally generic answer can be found on the … Continue reading

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In any communication between two people, the one with the greatest certainty is the one that prevails. What the public and your practice members buy from you is your certainty so any level of uncertainty on your part becomes an … Continue reading

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First things first…OMG…the birthday special that we ran on this product sold out all 61 possibilities in the first 24 hours….THANK YOU ALL! Then, the emails began… I missed the email… I missed the deadline… Happy birthday but I really … Continue reading

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For the first time ever… …VIP App-Based Coaching

Coaching That Comes To You! Every 30 days, we will send our 5 Recorded Coaching Modules Directly to Your Desktop via the most unique approach to web-based personal coaching ever devised… Married to the most exciting information delivery system ever … Continue reading

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Special 2012 Announcements:

Amazing Coaching Breakthough…$69.95/month You read it right! Finally, an entry level coaching program so affordable that ANYONE could afford it! And, not a bare bones program but a fully featured one at that with well over $3000.00 in products and … Continue reading

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Valuable Practice Development Resources For YOUR Practice

If you have been getting these Practice Tips, you know the importance of up to date information that is simple to incorporate into your practice, increase your revenue, and help you serve more people. The problem is how to do … Continue reading

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