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Feature Articles for the week: August 09, 2012

The Coaching Questionnaire…Incentive Next TWO MC2:  Omaha and Chicago Financial Consultations That Yield Higher Collections Socratic Section Announcements, Resources, Links and More The Coaching Questionnaire Incentive: What we learned last week is that MORE of you open an email with … Continue reading

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Survey Commentary… The Sad Truth this week and The Big Coverup next week:

First, the sad truth because this, at least, makes sense. That’s especially true when you consider that when people have it the toughest, they have little issue with owning up, being honest about it and seeking help. What I’m referring … Continue reading

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The Overwhelm-Growth Dichotomy:

A major obstacle to practice growth is your current level of overwhelm. There’s not a week that goes by when, speaking with a prospective client for our Mastery Coaching program, that I don’t hear that the doc wants to see … Continue reading

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Stop Complaining AND DO Something About it!

Do you have concerns about how you are managing your business? How many of these are TRUE for you? I am disorganized I can’t take a vacation I have too much paperwork I can’t find anything in my files I … Continue reading

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The Safest and Quickest Way to Become Debt-Free… Or, the counter-intuitive formula your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Know Part 1 of 2 Guest article by Garrett Gunderson

Hint: It’s not about your loan interest rates. As a financial advocate to doctors, I deal with this issue frequently with my clients. You want to get out of debt so you can reduce your risk, increase your cash flow, … Continue reading

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