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What’s the Core Contradiction?

Coaches Corner I received an email from a DC recently that fits better in the Coaches Corner than in the What’s Your Problem” Section because I believe it address a source of confusion for so many DC’s out there regarding … Continue reading

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Poverty Complex? Final Installment:

Now, we’re ready to move forward to the final two steps in this simple process. The first of these two steps is for you to recognize the importance of having very specific objectives, goals and aspirations. What I want you … Continue reading

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Special 2012 Announcements:

“I don’t know anyone that could not afford 69 bucks a month…” Seriously…this program includes over $3000. worth of products and services designed, sequentially, to help you become as successful as you would wish to become. And, at just pennies … Continue reading

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Do You Consistently Attract All The New Patients You Want?

  In May, we introduced all of you to Wellness University and, while their program has launched, if you want info about it, just email me at and ask about WellnessU. In June, we kicked off a series on … Continue reading

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The Safest and Quickest Way to Become Debt-Free… Or, the counter-intuitive formula your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Know Part 1 of 2 Guest article by Garrett Gunderson

Hint: It’s not about your loan interest rates. As a financial advocate to doctors, I deal with this issue frequently with my clients. You want to get out of debt so you can reduce your risk, increase your cash flow, … Continue reading

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