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Closing Thoughts on 2010

First and foremost, I wish to thank and acknowledge my immediate family. I will always be grateful that they have knowingly shared me so that others may, in turn, have a better life. I wish to also acknowledge my cousin, … Continue reading

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Why Are You Here?

For what were you created? What purpose were you put here to serve? If you could be the architect of your own future, what would you create? What makes you feel most alive? If you had all the money and … Continue reading

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Marketing Plan of Action for 2011:

The clients that I work with that are most successful never seem to need new patients and the clients that I work with that are struggling always seem to need new patients. Sounds pretty logical until you understand the reason … Continue reading

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This Special Edition of the PracticeTip is to share the feedback and accolades this year’s Planning Seminar received from its many guests. Please take a few moments to review this information because the testimonials we received have spurred us on … Continue reading

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#1-The Planning Seminar Was a HUGE Success:

The Annual Management Planning Seminar was a HUGE hit with the participants, speakers and vendors. We have received accolades daily from those attending. Everybody wants another one next year. The feedback has been so universally positive that in the following … Continue reading

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Last week, we discussed skills and talents and this week we will take a look at resources because, without the necessary and appropriate resources to do the job, the only word I ever hear from clients is the word…FRUSTRATION. So, … Continue reading

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