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Stop Complaining AND DO Something About it!

Do you have concerns about how you are managing your business? How many of these are TRUE for you? I am disorganized I can’t take a vacation I have too much paperwork I can’t find anything in my files I … Continue reading

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Are you confident the plans you are offering in your practice are fully compliant and legal?

In my experience, most Chiropractors are not confident in the compliance of their plans. Can you charge less for a patient who doesn’t have insurance versus one that does? Do you have a written contract describing, in detail, the terms … Continue reading

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Are you still relying on as many new practice members today as you did when you were first in practice?

Nothing drives me more up the wall than hearing that a Chiropractor who has been practicing for 30 years is still relying on the same number of new practice members to maintain their business as they did when they were … Continue reading

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Are your business models keeping you from having a profitable Chiropractic practice?

In many Chiropractic offices, the answer to this question is yes. One of the biggest business activities that keep your profits down, is the wasted time your CA spends on repeatedly collecting money over the counter. Is this is model … Continue reading

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