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In any communication between two people, the one with the greatest certainty is the one that prevails. What the public and your practice members buy from you is your certainty so any level of uncertainty on your part becomes an … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Practice Growth…

Welcome to the new PracticeTip and thanks to all of you for the kudos.  We want to provide the most useful information in the most useful form for you. Over the past several TIPS, our focus has been on the … Continue reading

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Structural Changes…

I’m sure it’s already evident that we’ve made massive structural changes in the weekly PracticeTIP. Gone are the columns and all the pictures and links in our attempt to make this newsletter more useable and readable than ever before. We, … Continue reading

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Today’s Headline: Obesity Trends Going Up!

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recently forecast that obesity rates will grow from 36% today to a disturbing 42% of the US population by 2030. Those most likely to become obese are in the 45-64 age group. While … Continue reading

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First things first…OMG…the birthday special that we ran on this product sold out all 61 possibilities in the first 24 hours….THANK YOU ALL! Then, the emails began… I missed the email… I missed the deadline… Happy birthday but I really … Continue reading

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