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Survey Commentary… The Sad Truth this week and The Big Coverup next week:

First, the sad truth because this, at least, makes sense. That’s especially true when you consider that when people have it the toughest, they have little issue with owning up, being honest about it and seeking help. What I’m referring … Continue reading

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And the Survey Said… Also, Getting Un-Stuck:

As I mentioned last week, a major obstacle to practice growth is one’s current level of overwhelm. Our survey revealed the following very interesting stats which are, at least as far as our readers are concerned, representative of the state … Continue reading

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The Overwhelm-Growth Dichotomy:

A major obstacle to practice growth is your current level of overwhelm. There’s not a week that goes by when, speaking with a prospective client for our Mastery Coaching program, that I don’t hear that the doc wants to see … Continue reading

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