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Responses to Contradictions

Coaches Corner-Responses to Contradictions Wow…few people were ambivalent about this topic. We received complaints, “Take me off your list,” and all kinds of other almost predictable reactions from people that do not want to confront their own contradictions or do … Continue reading

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Which Contradictions Hold You Back?

Coaches Corner- Contradictions Your practice can only grow to the level of contradictions that exist within it.  Contradictions are like having a “Do Not Enter” sign by your front door… from a metaphorical standpoint.  Contradictions can be stark and obvious … Continue reading

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Coaches Corner-MAPPED We covered some basics last week and this week, as promised, I want to introduce you to a very simple yet very effective approach to manage your time so that your time doesn’t manage you. I call the program MAPPED … Continue reading

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Time Management

Coaches Corner-Time Management Not a day goes by where a client doesn’t have a problem solved by using effective time management strategies.  In fact, almost every new client tells me…usually in the same breath, that they don’t have enough time … Continue reading

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