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One Answer Creates More Questions

Coaches Corner Sometimes, one answer creates more questions.  If you recall, last week we discussed the possible contradiction of using a mechanistic model to create a vitalistic practice.  If you want a copy of that q and a, email me … Continue reading

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What’s the Core Contradiction?

Coaches Corner I received an email from a DC recently that fits better in the Coaches Corner than in the What’s Your Problem” Section because I believe it address a source of confusion for so many DC’s out there regarding … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Focus?

Coaches Corner First, let me thank all of you for all the positive feedback I received on last week’s Coaches Corner as well as thank all the first time Mastery Coaching clients that contacted me just last week. Now…for focus. … Continue reading

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Please Tell Me What TIC Means…

Coaches Corner After last week’s issue entitled “Full Tilt TIC” I received an email from a subscriber that asked me to explain what TIC means. I was initially surprised at the question but then I realized that this may be … Continue reading

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