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One that I receive over and over and over again and a quick question about technic so let’s do the technic question first:

I have a question.  I have gotten really specific at adjusting the atlas.  I have noticed though that about 99% of the time the short leg switches when I flip the patients over prone.  
Right short leg supine-Adjust Atlas
patient flips to lying prone
Assess for short leg and now find a left short.  
I am wondering what your advice would be period, but specifically on the following.  
Would you adjust based on what makes the initial short leg longer.  Ie. if they flip over and now a left short/right long and pressure tests make the right longer, or on what makes the left leg come even?  
I am a bit confused and have been going off a combination of what I learned from your technique and from some of the experience I have with NUCCA.  I know your advice would be to come to my own conclusion I am just wondering you opinion.
  Congratulations on being specific in your adjusting…it is a skill that is sorely needed within the profession. That said, and before I answer your questions, since you practice MC2, I would also congratulate you on your ability to find your patient “different” on a visit to visit basis.  Most docs, even when specific in their approach, are adjusting the same segment the same way with the same listing over and over and over again.  
  While I’m sure this does not apply to the doc asking the question, I would encourage the reader to ask themselves, “If you are finding the same thing and adjusting the same thing over and over again, even if you are being specific, do you realize that you are teaching the practice member’s nervous system that it needs that done to it?”  Further, you may be mixing your message with your application meaning if you’ve taught the patient that the body is a dynamic, constantly evolving, self-healing and self-regulating organism that is in tune with its environment and able to adapt in a timely and appropriate way (I would hope that you’re this specific with your message) and then doing the same thing to it…perhaps this contradiction is worth investigating.
  Had to get that off my chest and now to your questions:
  In MC2 we explain that the supine assessment and the prone assessment are specific for specific areas.  In the supine position, the occiput, dorsals and pelvis are fixed by their contact with the table whereas in the prone position, the reverse is true. As a result, it is not uncommon for the short leg side to switch when going from supine to prone.  You would make your assessment prone based on your findings prone regardless of the short leg side when the patient was supine.  Bottom line:  I am always looking for balance so, even is the answer.  
  There is no problem combining MC2 and NUCCA just simply apply the rules for the particular technic when you are applying that technic.  
  Feel free to ask anything else you would like to know about MC2.  Here’s a link to download a free 12 minute audio on MC2 from an early On Purpose Interview…hope you like it!

  And now for the question I get a lot of…I want to come to the planning seminar but…

  And they fill in the buts with all kinds of stalls and excuses. When I actually get the doc on the phone, it almost always comes down to “I love the patients and hate the business so why would I sit in a business class on planning?”

  My answer here is the same one I have given for years at Total Solution…which is, of course, to ask them a question:

“How can you hate the vehicle (the means) for your practice to thrive?  The business is the vehicle that allows your vision for your practice to be fulfilled.  I have repeatedly mentioned the SuccessFormula and when it comes to practice Success you would start with VISION which is the purpose of Management in a business.  You would then look at SKILLS which would fall under the purview of ADMINISTRATION in a business.  The third rung up the SuccessFormula ladder is Motivation which is fueled by your VISION, philosophy and passion.  Next comes RESOURCES and the BUSINESS and YOU are the most important resources your practice has.  The last step in the SuccessFormula is PLAN and the PLAN is set forth by the BUSINESS….remember BUSINESS PLAN?

So, in a nutshell, you cannot have a wellness practice without supporting it with a wellness business that proactively does for the practice many of the same things you would want your practice members to do for their health.  So, while I hate being redundant, this SINGLE STEP is so important for chiropractors…

What’s the vision for your practice?

What will need to be done to create it?
Why is THAT vision so important to you?
Do you have the resources to get THERE?
What’s your plan?

All of these items will be artfully addressed at the Annual Management Planning Seminar.

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