Are you making the same excuses that they do?

Coaches Corner

They who?  Your current and prospective patients.

You tell them the story.  You tell them what they have to gain.  You tell them how important their life and health is and they tell you “NO” or, worse yet, they make excuses.

Are you making the same ones they make?  Better yet, do you realize how, by you making these excuses, you actually attract people that make them?  This is the age old concept of contradictions.  If you would say “no” to you, how can you expect others to say “yes” to you.

Reality Check Please…

I don’t have the time
Don’t you wonder when the patient will find the time to make their health a priority?  Do you point out to them that it actually takes less time and energy to grow their health than it does to overcome a health issue?

I can’t tell you how many times the light bulb lights up over a doctor’s head when I point out to them that they spend way too much time working IN their business and way too little time working ON their business.  After all, your business is the vehicle that allows your practice to happen!

If you don’t make time for your business, you will spend all of your time working in it…it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m overwhelmed with stuff to do now

This is really the same issue.  If the patient doesn’t invest the time to grow their health, where will they find the time to try to resolve a problem?  Overwhelm is simply too many starts and not enough completions.

I get it…you’re full.  Do you  know how many times this is one of the first subjects I discuss with a new client.  On one hand, everyone wants MORE and on the other hand, I hear they’re FULL or overwhelmed.  Overwhelm is almost always a time management issue and an inability to prioritize what is really important.  On the other hand, doing what you say you will do is how you grow your personal power.  These are basics we will definitely look at at the Planning Seminar.

By the way, don’t you think the stress of overwhelm keeps both you and your practice members from reaching your fullest potential?  And, just look at what you’re feeding your subconscious (your Innate).

They just don’t “get it”
Why would they?  They’ve spent their lives in an allopathic model and, when they break down, they seek solutions to their problems.  When this doesn’t work, they eventually turn to us and, instead of looking for an “un”used solution to their problem, we focus on finding the cause of their malfunction and breakdown.  In so doing, we give them a unique opportunity to actually see their health turn around in a positive way.

Your turn.  I get this from prospective coaching clients all the time…looking for solutions to problems that they’ve been unable to solve on their own or with their current coach.  Imagine if, instead of looking for solutions, they sought to know the cause of their business and practice issues?

You have to admit…it just makes more sense. 

I’m not ready yet
This is the classic perfectionist EXCUSE.  The problem is that you have likely accepted it as true.  No one gets ready by waiting until they’re ready just like no one improves while they’re waiting to get better.  It is also a classic public mindset.  Successful (and healthy) people are proactive and take action NOW and then refine it by doing not by waiting.

I’m inviting you to do your PLANNING with me.  Wouldn’t you love to know where your business will be by this time next year? 

It’s too late to make arrangements
If you continue to procrastinate, that WILL be true.  At the moment, there is still room for you.  At this moment there are just 5 seats left for the Business Development Intensive. That won’t last much longer so do what you would want your public to do….GET IN THE GAME NOW!

It really is time for you to make a decision! 

Let me be your guide to developing the business, practice and life you want.  Invest just one day with me and maybe a few hours at my house the next day.  I promise it will be the most valuable thing you can do for your business this year.  

Enough excuses…time to act….

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