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Last Chance for the Business Development Seminar on November 1…

First a few words…everyone has heard the cliche that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail…

It is far better to fail to plan than to put all your heart and soul into following the wrong plan and

I see so many DC’s following a plan that will, ultimately, injure their health, their relationships and their happiness.

If you want to gain a clue about what the RIGHT plan is for you then join us this Saturday in CALI

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Last Chance for MC2 before April. 2015
See me in Atlanta November 15th  

The 100th Total Solution Program
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Invite Me
Want me as a speaker or to come and do a Business Development and/or Philosophy and/or MC2 Seminar for your group or association in 2015?  Email Me:

Media Credibility and a SYSTEM Client


 Would you rather the JOINT be the Public’s Chiropractic Voice?

CLICK HERE or go to:

JOINT and the Public’s Perception


 The Best in Chiropractic

Speaking For You To Your Public

You know The Joint.
The franchise that has made 
what you do equal to nothing more than a big box discount retailer running a perpetual sale.
Is that what you want the public to think of
chiropractic?  Just another discount treatment when
you need to get cracked?
Neither do we!
That’s why you need to be part of
About Real Health
It is the largest grassroots

movement in the history of chiropractic and is going to change how chiropractic is viewed to the world and get you off the new patient merry-go-round.

Still thinking whether you should join the top supporters in chiropractic when they come to your office to tell your patients the value of what you do, not the virtues of giving your services away.
If you are still sitting on the fence you need to
watch this short video and 
meet all our experts.
If we don’t change our market share ourselves we will wind up with no market share and we are already close to no market share.
P.S. This is not about money the cost to you is basically nothing.  


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Please share your favorite motivational quote, verse, prayer, or saying with me so I can share it with others.

 Decay is the opposite of evolution…



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