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Coaches Corner

A frequent coaching question and topic revolves around x-ray….

Should I?

Shouldn’t I?

If I do, do I take point of pain only?
Am I responsible for the full spine if I adjust full spine even though I didn’t take full spine x-rays?

I’m happy to discuss these things with you but even if I do, when I’m done I defer to the expert in the field and that’s my brother, Dr. Stu Hoffman.

I can’t promise these questions will be answered this week but 25 critical, practice safe questions will be addressed this week…here’s the low-down:

Do you or have you ever used the diagnosis acute
sprain/strain for a patient?  Wind up in a malpractice case and that diagnosis may come back to bite you in the butt.

Do you know how to define a vertebral subluxation if you are ever unfortunate enough to wind up in a court of law?
Simple questions but the problem is the answers are not that simple. There are 25 critical questions and procedures

you have to know, if you want to lower the likelihood of being on the wrong side of a malpractice case.

So who do you go to for answers to those questions?

You go to one of the top chiropractic expert witnesses
in the country who eats, sleeps and breathes malpractice.

The person that is called in on some of the biggest
malpractice cases in the country.  We are not talking
about a text book witness with no experience that gives
you hypothetical examples of how to handle yourself.

No, we are talking about one of the foremost experts in
Chiropractic Forensics in the country.

Why do you need to listen to what he has to say?

The Bad News – he may be the expert witness you have to
go up against if you are ever in a malpractice suit.
The Good News – as a consultant to ChiroSecure* he has a
vested interest in helping you avoid the risks of practicing in
our litigious society.

If you were one of the over 1200 doctors that came to hear
Dr. Stu Hoffman talk about Informed Consent and signed-up
to get a copy of Your Informed Content Packet, you know
that ChiroSecure* is the true leader in making sure that the
odds are always in your favor when treating patients and
securing your financial future.

On Tuesday, November 4th you’ll have an opportunity to
listen to Dr. Ken Murkowski as he brings you 25 Ways To
Lower Your Risk!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  All chiropractors and their associates

WHEN: November 4th, 2014 2:00 PM EST

WHERE: http://www.chirosecure.com/live/

LENGTH: 30 minutes

HOW TO SIGN-UP: Just show up, no opt-in required

COST TO ATTEND: None, courtesy of ChiroSecure

REPLAY: To be determined depending upon request

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Murkowski is providing a Special
Report, 25 Ways to Lower Your Risk to every attendee
of the Live Event.

*Supporting the Chiropractic community for over 23 years,
ChiroSecure’s Live Events educate and support you, the
practitioner, by making sure you have the information you
need to protect you, your practice and your future.

Have a coaching question?  Ask…email me directly at drsteve@drstevehoffman.com


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Motivation Moment:

Here’s this week’s Motivational Moment.

Please share your favorite motivational quote, verse, prayer, or saying with me so I can share it with others.

“Treat everyone exactly the way you would treat them as if you had already “arrived.”

~messages from the universe

Take a moment to send in your motivational quote so that I can share it here.
to send me an email.

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