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What is dogma?

According to Ayn Rand, dogma is a set of beliefs accepted on faith; that is, without rational justification or against rational evidence. A dogma is a matter of blind faith.

Where do we see evidence of dogma in chiropractic…in the coaching of chiropractors…in our everyday acts and behaviors?

Well-I could write a book but for today, what are some of the most common examples of dogma?  What is so commonplace that you just have to ask, “who said so?”

Once a month for maintenace care:
Where was the scrupulous deliberation behind that one?  It’s often hard for me to believe that it still exists.  Was this found to be true and effective or just easy to sell? Here’s a hint…did you ever stop to ask why or where it came from or did you just accept it as true even though you would never get just a once a month checkup yourself or suggest it to your family.

We’re going to start you at three times a week:
Sorry.  Why three and not two?  Why three and not four?  Who said so and was it based on what was found to be most effective or was it because we wanted to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday?  Just asking…

If you show improvement after x visits, we’ll reduce your schedule:
How is improvement defined?  Regardless, why would you slow down their care if you see progress?  Who came up with this one?  If driving from San Diego to San Francisco, you wouldn’t slow down at the first sign of progress (ie-getting to Los Angeles).  Where…how does this make sense?

Get it?
Good, now you have an opportunity to ask or share.
If you have questions about anything that you’re doing in practice that you haven’t scrupulously deliberated and can give a good answer to the question, “why” then send me an email and bring it on: drsteve@drstevehoffman.com
Or, if you have an example of commonplace dogma within your practice or the profession and want to share it and perhaps shed some light on it:  drsteve@drstevehoffman.com


Clarification regarding About Real Health Summit:

Many of you totally got what the About Real Health Grassroots Project is and, also, many of you emailed because you didn’t get it.

Those that understood that every month one of our experts will be virtually coming to your office to help your patients understand that they should be lifelong patients and refer their friends and family, signed up. 

The good news is (if we can call confusion good news) those that did not sign-up understood there was no real commitment or any real cost worth mentioning involved, but just didn’t fully understand how the whole thing worked.

So for those that we left a little confused we created a 6 minute video that very clearly (we hope) explains how it works.  

If you signed up already, still watch it and if you agree we did a better job on this one, forward it to the doctors you referred to the program that told you they were confused.

OK just click the link below and hopefully this will

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