Contradiction Resolution Part 5

Would you encourage a child to paint with all the colors of the rainbow or would you insist that red flowers are red and green leaves are green…and that’s the way they’ve always been seen…and there’s no reason to see them any other way?

I am astonished at how many docs do not want to look at, acknowledge, face or do something about the contradictions in their lives even when those contradictions are holding them back from being, doing and having what they say they want.

Why are contradictions an issue? Granted, they are more of an issue when it is realized that they exist but, in reality, they are an issue because they deplete, rather than contribute to, our energy and personal power.

That said, for those of you willing to go where you’ve never gone before…let’s look at and let me suggest ways of dealing with, common contradictions:

OK-onwards and upwards with the clearing of contradictions:

Are you taking regular conscious steps to grow your own health?

Most health inducing actions, behaviors and lifestyles add to one’s level of energy and that level of energy contributes to one’s success in business, practice, life and health. Indeed, don’t you often hear from practice members how they have more energy since seeing you? Sure, you’ve added life to their body and so they have more energy. And, if they make healthy lifestyle choices, they will further add to their energy rather than deplete it. Now, what about you? How can we expect our patients to follow our advice if we don’t follow it ourselves?

Do you teach that the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism that is constantly adapting while adjusting the same segments over and over and over again?

This is the topic that actually produces the most upset and discomfort so let’s face it head on. No one doubts your ability to find and adjust subluxations. The question is, “why do you have to adjust the same ones over and over and over?” And often the answer is, “because they show up over and over and over again.” Got it but aren’t we supposed to be doctors of cause? If the same subluxations keep showing up, there are reasons. One set of reasons is the patients life and lifestyle. But the other set of reasons is that the nervous system learns and perhaps you’re teaching it that it needs the same thing done to it over and over and over again. Unfortunately, that is called dependency so why not find a way to find your patients different every visit then to be satisfied that they are always the same? This common issue is always addressed in the MC2 Technical Certainty seminar and DVD:

Do you call what you do “treatment?”
Do you make “treatment” plans?
Do you see people in “treatment” rooms?

Do you realize treatment is a contradiction to lifetime and lifestyle chiropractic?

According to the American Heritage Medical dictionary, treatment is the administration or application of remedies to a patient or for a disease or injury; medicinal or surgical management; therapy. And, at least in my mind, a treatment is an event and feeds the allopathic event for event mindset of the public. If you ever want chiropractic to be seen as a lifestyle and if you ever want what you do to be seen as care then maybe some change is in order.

Do you call what you do “adjustment or care?”
Do you make “care” plans?
Do you see people in “adjustment” rooms?

This series will conclude next week unless you email me with your own contradictions. I will take the time in the PracticeTIP to make suggestions for resolution. Email me your suggestions at:


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