Survey Commentary… The Sad Truth this week and The Big Coverup next week:

First, the sad truth because this, at least, makes sense. That’s especially true when you consider that when people have it the toughest, they have little issue with owning up, being honest about it and seeking help.

What I’m referring to is that the people that agreed with statement 4 in both Group 1 and Group 2 were almost identical. These were our brother and sister docs that are having the hardest time of it. These are the folks that are stuck and struggling and do not know what to do next…they know it and admit it.

This is an area of grave concern for me because I KNOW that both the public and the profession benefit from them and would only benefit MORE if these docs got the help they need to succeed. That said, a good coach will renew your love for chiropractic and re-ignite your passion and purpose. What I KNOW is that if your energy is low, you will not attract no matter how much you say or do.

To grow a practice without it continuing to take a toll on you is counter-intuitive. It requires you to make yourself a greater priority and celebrate your wins. Obviously, some organizational and time management skills would not hurt either.

At the same time, it would benefit you to know that worry and fatigue are really symptomatic of a skills issue and I would love to see if could help you break free of this dilemma.

Further, when we feel stuck, it can become overwhelming and we can lose both our direction and the ability to know which way to turn. While I would love to offer you resources as the easaiest solution, the real answer here (and you know it) is to have someone who can re-energize you by re-connecting you with yourself and your purpose.

It very well may be so long since you felt like you were winning that we HAVE TO get some winning back into you to move ahead.

This usually comes with 1:1 coaching and it is the preferred route but, if you are self-motivated and self-accountable, it might be as easy as a regular monthly reminder from me with practice resources, audio tips on patient education, finance, marketing, CA suggestions and interviews with my top clients and what they’re being and doing to succeed today.

You want and need help and are in the position of being least able to afford to get it. The conundrum is that that’s what you’re likely to be hearing from patients and new patient prospects. We have so many reasonable priced yet highly effective coaching programs available that I would love to discuss your situation with you and see if we
can, together, come up with a solution that will work for you. I will make the time for you…email me at and I will arrange time for you.

Let me know what you think about all of this in general and how it applies to you in particular.

More next week on THE BIG COVERUP…the self-delusion that is holding the profession
back from greatness.

….stay tuned.

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