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“Every category of statistics is up.  We are seeing tons of families and really transitioning a lot more people to our Wellness Plans.”
Dr. Tom Gargiula

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“…I’ve been setting daily, weekly, and monthly records left and right.  I’ve already DOUBLED my practice in under 3 months. Thanks!!!”
Charles Weigel, D.C., N.D.
Coaching Track #1 – Patient Education with Dr. Steve Hoffman
  • “The Success Formula”
  • “Creating Ideal Patients”
  • “The Golden Referral Strategy”
  • “High Retention Procedures”
  • “The First Phone Call Strategy”
  • “The Consultation Strategy”
  • “The Exam Strategy”
  • “Health Class Before the ROF”
  • “A Wow! Report of Findings”
  • “Objections & Complaints”
  • “The Visit to Visit Template”
  • “Visit to Visit Basics”
Coaching Track #2 – Marketing with Dr. Alan Weinstein
  • “Creating A Marketing Plan”
  • “A Source Of Everything Health”
  • “Creating-Value Relationships”
  • “Authentic Marketing”
  • “The 3-Tiered Marketing Strategy”
  • “The Lost Art Of Lead Follow-Up”
  • “The Permanent Change Formula”
  • “Get Into Schools & Companies”
  • “All About Screenings”
  • “Wellness University”
  • “Lead Conversion”
  • “Always Be Marketing”
“The reason why our practice is thriving in this economy is because of the resourcefulness of Dr. Steve…”
Dr.'s David and Veronique LaRocco
Coaching Track #3 – CA Training with Dr. Jen Honor
  • “What’s The Vision?”
  • “Office Policies & Procedures”
  • “Team Building”
  • “Staff Meetings”
  • “The Problem Resolution Form”
  • “The Little Liar Voice”
  • “What’s Your Motivation?”
  • “The Front Desk CA”
  • “The Technical CA”
  • “The PR CA (part I)
  • “The PR CA (part II)
  • “The Patient Educator”
Coaching Track #4 – Finances with Garrett Gunderson & Friends
  • “The Prosperity Equation”
  • “Cash Flow Optimizer”
  • “Why The Passionate Go Broke”
  • “Passion & Purpose: So What?!”
  • “Two Sure-Fire Ways To Prosper”
  • “Building More Business Equity”
  • “Projections”
  • “Cumulative Income & Expense”
  • “CA$H & Wellness”
  • “The Only Investment Guide”
  • “The Sustainable Business (part I)
  • “The Sustainable Business (part II)
“Dr. Steve has been the most instrumental outside force in my first successful year as a doc.”
Dr. Dustin Barton
Coaching Track #5 – Interviews with Top Clients
  • Interview with Patrick Bell & Balbina Briles
  • Interview with Tio Paci
  • Interview with Tom Gargiula
  • Interview with Jeff Kowachik
  • Interview with Danita Thomas-Heagy
  • Interview with Dave Stewart
  • Interview with Troy Rahn
  • Interview with Jeff Marrs
  • Interview with Chris Sullivan
  • Interview with Greg Anderson
  • Interview with John Battershill
  • Interview with Ari Cohn


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